UX Basics Cheat Sheet

The #1 question I get from people is, “how can I get a job in user experience (UX)?” The #2 question I get asked is, what is UX? A quick google search can usually answer the second question. I’ve explained it is as a cross between psychology and design science with a focus on empathy. […]

UX Portfolio Cheatsheet

#1 YOU MUST HAVE A UX PORTFOLIO! The portfolio is a snapshot of your work that is reviewed typically by a UX audience or someone interested in servicing your work. #2 KEY is to show methods! Show examples of your work that use UX methods. Display this in a way that is easy to view. For extra sugar, include […]

Allyship and Black Lives Matter: A Conversation

We can all agree that many children are afraid of the dark. Monsters — venomous and terrifying creatures that haunt our little ones — thrive in this proverbial dark. They wait in the wings, patiently biding their time for the unsuspecting youngster to trip, fall, or be dragged into the dark monster abyss, never to […]