January 14, 2021

Uber Engineering

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Going Global: Highlights from the Second Annual Uber Technology Day

Originally Posted on Uber Engineering by Stephanie Romo on June 5, 2018

On April 19, 2018, Uber’s women in the technology group, LadyEng, hosted our second annual Uber Technology Day under the theme Going Global. The daylong event, filled with keynotes and tech talks, explored the ways in which the company has built and scaled technologies for global growth. In addition to these technical presentations, we hosted speakers from Girls Who CodeIridescent, and #BUILTBYGIRLS for wider discussions on how tech companies can foster greater diversity and inclusion. With over 150 attendees, the event brought together members of the Uber community as well as technologists from across the Bay Area.

This year’s event featured over 30 presentations across three tracks from engineers, data scientists, and product managers on our product, platform, and infrastructure teams. These talks highlighted the ways in which our services and technologies enable safer, faster, and more reliable transportation solutions worldwide. Topics ranged from how we leverage machine learning to get more accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs) and the ways in which we use data analytics to stop fraud, to working more effectively with your product marketing manager and the design of our IFTTT engine, Flow.

Global Scalable Research: Design Efficiently through Informed International Insights

Uber’s Global Scalable Research program provides insights that empower teams to build new products and features designed to improve user experiences in markets across the world. In this talk, UX researcher Nancy Douyon discusses how our Global Research team determines which products to prioritize in regional markets, as well as better understand how cultural context should impact design decisions.


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